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Thank you for your interest in booking a book tour with Turn the Page Tours! We are excited to be of service to you and to help promote your book. 

Our tours are aimed to connect readers with books they love and/or identify with. Below is additional information about the services we provide, genres we host tours for, pricing, and a little bit more information about who we are.

Please note: we are currently not accepting BookTok tour requests.

Submit a Request

To submit a request for a promotional event, please email us at (or one of the specific tour organizer emails) with the following information:

  • Subject line: Tour Request
  • Book information
    • Book title
    • Genre(s)
    • Age group
    • Representation
    • Synopsis
    • Trigger/Content Warnings (if applicable)
    • Specific Representation (if applicable)
      • If your book is unreleased and you want the tour to be BEFORE the release date, please make a note. We will do our best to accommodate.
  • Book cover (please have this in .jpg or .png form, no size limit)
  • Type of tour you are interested in
  • Anything else you think relevant and/or any questions (i.e. additional contact information, etc.)

For any tour, we are more than willing to accommodate any request to implement a specific team of influencers who identify with the book’s representation. We want to make your experience the best it possibly can be, and we’d be happy to get your book into proper hands.

Our main goal is to help authors connect with readers that identify with or are fit for the book being promoted. However, we reserve the right to decline any requests that we consider a poor fit for our team.

If your tour is accepted, we will send a follow-up email with additional questions and information.


We offer a wide variety of different tour options. Unless otherwise specified, each tour will be a week-long tour (7 days, including weekends) where the book is featured with book reviews and, if selected, other promotional/creative features. All our tours are virtual and will not require any in-person events. Your tour organizer (Belle, Nathalie, or Nikole) will be your main contact. Below are our listed tour options:

*NEW!* Release Day Celebration: This is to celebrate the release day of an author’s book! This will be a one-day tour (on the day of the book’s release) and has no limit to the amount of tour stops. The tour stops can vary from blog, bookstagram, BookTube, and TikTok. It is not a requirement to provide copies of the author’s books, but if you would like to, we can limit the amount of tour stops and also encourage the tour hosts to read the book. The following information will need to be provided.

  • Book cover
  • Author information
  • Book information
  • A link to purchase the book

Make-Over! (Cover Reveal ONLY) Tour: This book tour stop is only for a cover reveal and does not have a limit on the number of participants. The author or publisher can choose if the cover reveal should be on a blog, bookstagram, or both. The author or publisher can also choose if they would like all participants to post on one day or over a week’s time frame. No interviews or book reviews will be requested. This tour-level does not constitute the author or publisher providing a copy of the book.

Send the Thoughts (Review ONLY) Tour: This is a book review-only tour and does not include any guest posts and interviews by the bloggers. However, this tour does include one author interview with the organizer of your tour on the first day of the blog tour as a start-up. Book reviews will consist of 15-25 tour stops. If you would like to add a creative element for each review (i.e. mood board, favorite quotes, etc.), please let us know.

Level One Blog Tour: This is the traditional book blog tour consisting of 15-25 blog tour stops. The following is included in the blog tour:

  • An author interview with the organizer of your tour on the first day of the blog tour as a start-up
  • Two (2) creative post types (available to 3-4 bloggers only)
  • Up to three (3) interviews with book bloggers (4-8 questions will be provided by our bloggers for the author)
  • Remaining posts by tour hosts will be a book review

Level Two Blog Tour: This is more of a promotional/creativity book blog tour consisting of 15-25 blog tour stops. Even though this is more of a creativity tour, reviews will still be at least half of the tour stops. The following is included in the blog tour:

  • An author interview with the organizer of your tour on the first day of the blog tour as a start-up 
  • Book reviews by book bloggers
  • Variety of promotional/creative posts provided by the author and/or publisher that could be, but not limited to:
  • Dream celebrity cast
    • Mood board
    • Book playlist
    • Character interviews
    • Guest posts provided by the author (or blogger)
    • Character meet and greets
    • Deleted scenes
    • An annotated chapter
    • Favorite quotes and why from book (this would team well with reviews)
    • Author interviews and/or video interviews
    • Book quiz
    • TikTok video
    • And more.

Capture That! (Bookstagram ONLY) Tour: This tour is for bookstagram accounts only and will not consist of any blog website stops. This tour includes 10-20 bookstagram tour stops (more tour stops can be added) and consists of promotional bookstagram features from the tour organizer, company Instagram and team of bookstagram hosts. Please specify if there are any elements that you would like included in each bookstagram post (besides, of course, the book). The book is required to be the main focus in every bookstagram post part of the tour. Also, a bookstagram tour does not require the book to be reviewed, but please specify if you would like this required. In the sign up forms, we will include a question that asks if the potential tour host plans on reviewing the book.

*NEW!* Play That Video! (TikTok Only) Tour: This book tour is mainly for readers who have an active TikTok account. For each stop, TikTokers will be asked to review the book and/or make a creative video that features the book. Each video will be anywhere from 7-60 seconds depending on post type. This tour will include 10-20 TikTokers, but that number can change per each request. This tour will consist of:

  • A post from your tour organizer (the only blog post that is not TikTok based)
  • Book reviews
  • Promotional TikTok stops that consist of various creative posts, such as, but not limited to:Mood board
    • Cosplay based on the book
    • Song(s) that remind you of a certain scene in the featured book
    • Book This or That
    • Favorite quotes from featured book
    • Thoughts on featured book
    • And more.

By request, these tours can be modified to your liking.

Please note: we do require the book to be provided by the author or publisher and either be a physical or digital copy. If physical copies will be provided, please let us know if there are any shipping restrictions, as these tours are open to international reviewers.

Genres and Age Groups

The Turn the Page Tours team is interested in working with the following genres and age groups:

    Can work with blog, bookstagram and booktok tours.Young Adult – All Genres

    • New Adult – All Genres
    • Adult – Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Thriller

Email at to specifically request with Belle.

    Can work with blog and bookstagram tours.
    Young Adult – All Genres

    • New Adult – All Genres
    • Adult – Fantasy, Science Fiction
    Can work with blog and bookstagram tours.
    Young Adult – All Genres

    • New AdultFantasy, Romance, Fairytale, Mythology, Retellings, Dystopian, Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller

Email to specifically request with Haadiya.

    Can work with blog and bookstagram tours.
    Young Adult – Fantasy, Contemporary, Mystery,Thriller, Mythology, Retellings

Some themes Stacia enjoys and champions are:

  • School/academia settings
  • Magical system/elements
  • Black characters and/or authors
    • Adult – Romance

Email to specifically request with Stacia.

    Young Adult – Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian, Contemporary, Mystery, Mythology, Retellings

    • New Adult – Romance, Sports Romance
    • Tropes – Mr. Dark Tall & Handsome, Enemies to Lovers, Fake Relationships, Second Chance Relationships

Email to specifically request with Stephanie.

Based on which age group and genre you are requesting, we will do our best to connect you with the best team member to organize a tour for you and your book. If the organizer you request from does not believe they are a good fit for your book, they may pass it on to another organizer.

Please note: we will not be accepting anything outside of these given options at this time.


We would like to make note that, unfortunately, not all of our tours do as well as each other. This can depend on the timing, the algorithms on certain social media, trend of readers’ interests online, and so forth. It is not a 100% guarantee that there will be a large influx in interest, as it can sometimes take place after the tour has ended.

Along with this, we would like to state that during the tour, we do require our hosts to hold off on posting a review if they do not rate the book at 3 stars or higher. However, after the tour has ended, we do not expect our hosts to hide their reviews. We firmly believe that not every book will be for everyone, and it is the right of the reader to share their opinion. If this may be a problem to you, we do not believe you would be fit requesting a tour from us.


All of our tours at Turn the Page Tours are free, no amount of payment is required. We firmly believe that authors should not be charged to promote their book, so all our tour packages are free. However, we do require copies of the book to be provided to our hosts and the organizer of your tour. These copies can be digital, physical, or a combination of the two.

About Our Tours

Turn the Page Tours is dedicated to helping authors and publishers reach their desired audience and uplift and boost their books. Our goal is to provide everyone—our authors, publishers, hosts, readers—with a memorable and happy experience. We also aim to connect any books with specific representation to own voices reviewers and bloggers. 

Since August 2020, Turn the Page Tours has hosted over 30 tours. Our past tours can be viewed under our past tours tab.

Turn the Page Tours team consists of a Bookseller, Children’s Librarian, and a Marketing Coordinator, along with three new Book Influencers. We are passionate about books and sharing the joy books bring to everyone. 

For any further questions about Turn the Page Tours, please do not hesitate to email us at or follow up with us on an inquiry/request. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have, and we thank you for your interest in our tour services.