TOUR SCHEDULE: The Bitterwine Oath

Hi, y'all! We are so excited to be introducing y'all to the team of hosts that will be on our THE BITTERWINE OATH bookstagram tour! Please make sure to follow them all and send some love to them! The Bitterwine Oath by Hannah West Published by Holiday House Releasing on December 1st, 2020 YA FICTION—Mystery, Contemporary, … Continue reading TOUR SCHEDULE: The Bitterwine Oath

TOUR SIGN-UPS: The Ambassador of Nowhere Texas

Hi, y'all! We've got another tour to bring to you, and this time, it's a blog tour!! The Ambassador of Nowhere Texas is a middle grade fiction book from Kimberly Willis Holt that will be releasing on January 12th from Henry Holt & Company. This tour will be running from January 11th to January 17th. We're looking for … Continue reading TOUR SIGN-UPS: The Ambassador of Nowhere Texas

[CLOSED] TOUR SIGN-UPS: How to Remember Everything

Hi, y'all! I'm so excited to be bringing you our newest tour sign-ups for Jacob Sager Weinstein's upcoming release, How to Remember Everything! This book is perfect for a younger family member, child or friend you might have and is filled with fun activities to help improve memory skills and brain function. NOTE: This tour has been … Continue reading [CLOSED] TOUR SIGN-UPS: How to Remember Everything