Host Guidelines

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Thank you so much for your interest in hosting for Turn the Page Tours! We hope to bring you fun tours, exciting books, and many opportunities through our service.

Please read our below requirements before applying to become a host:

  • We ask that you have a Bookstagram, Blog, BookTube, or Book Twitter account to be considered for a book tour.
  • You must be able to accept physical and digital copies
    • This includes having both NetGalley and Edelweiss+ accounts
    • Most physical copies will be restricted to USA residents due to the rights of the various publishers
  • On your scheduled day of the tour, your post must be available before or by 3 pm CST (4 pm EST, 1 pm PST, 8 pm GMT)
  • If you are unable to post on your scheduled day, please contact us 48 hours before your post day. This gives us the time to shift the schedule to a better fit.
    • If you fail to notify us/fail to post within the given 48 hour deadline, you will receive a warning strike. Three strikes will result in your termination as a host of Turn the Page Tours and will ban you from future tours.
    • If you are to pull out of a tour completely within a time frame that makes it impossible for us to replace your stop, it will result in you receiving an immediate host strike. If you have been double scheduled for tours or had something come up for that day that will keep you away from posting, we will be more than open to changing stops to spotlights so that you may plan ahead, as well as rescheduling for a different day.
      • If you are unable to be a part of the tour after signing up, please notify us before copies of the book are sent out.
  • On your scheduled blog post, please make sure to include the required information, which is mentioned below.
  • For bookstagrammers, the cover of the book must be the center-focus of your post, even if it’s a digital edition.

If you are planning on signing up for a review-required tour and/or are signing up to host a review stop on a tour, please note before signing up: if you will wait to begin reading the book until the last minute, we ask that you reconsider signing up for a tour with us. Unfortunately, we’ve had multiple issues arise with this specific circumstance (i.e. not being able to finish the book in time for the scheduled tour stop day). This does not apply to tours that are under short notice.

If you are selected as a host for a blog tour, please review the information below for what is expected of our hosts.

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Book reviews will be the main focus of any of our tours. Please try to keep your book reviews spoiler-free as much as possible. There is no limit to how long your review has to be. If you are reviewing a book sequel, we definitely recommend also providing a link to the first book’s review in your blog post.

If your book review is under 3 stars…

We ask that if your review is under 3 stars, please wait to post that review until after the book tour is over. This does not mean we do not want you to post on your day of the book tour. Please post a promotional post on your book tour stop, if possible. The point of a book tour is to promote a book and make bookworms aware of an exciting new book coming out. Once the book tour ends, we do recommend posting your review. In no way do we not want you to post your review, we just ask that you hold off on posting it until the book tour is over.

However, if you are giving the book under 3 stars and do not wish to post a promotional post instead, you do have the option to be removed from the book tour. We encourage our hosts to be honest in their reviews and transparent with us, so please reach out to us if this is the route you want to take.

Materials required to include in your tour post are…

If you are reviewing the book, please make sure to post the information below on your blog post. All this information will be provided for you:

  • Book title
  • Author
  • Author bio
  • Author links
  • Publisher
  • Genres
  • Release date
  • Trigger warnings (if any)
  • Book summary
  • Purchase links
  • Tour banner – if possible, please link back to the tour schedule
  • Giveaway link/widget – most giveaways will be held through Rafflecopter
  • Your review, interview, guest post, creative post, etc (whichever post you were assigned)


Guest posts can be super fun and engaging! We highly encourage our tour hosts with guest post stops to be

Guest post topics are provided by the selected bloggers. The bloggers should provide 2 guest posts for the author to choose from. These guest posts should be sent to the organizer of the tour, who will then reach out to the publisher or author. Please note: The author reserves the right to turn down any guest post idea. In this case, the tour organizer will reach back out to that blogger asking for another topic idea.

Below are some topic ideas to spur some inspiration and to give you an idea of what guest posts are:

  • The idea behind the author’s book
  • Things learned after writing # books
  • Top 5 tips for writers
  • Writing from multiple points of views: keeping each voice unique
  • Writing process
  • If you (the author) could hang with your main character all day, what would you do?
  • Top 5 books that made you want to become a writer


Interviews are mainly part of the Level 1 tour and usually available for 2-4 bloggers. If you have an interview stop, please provide 4-8 questions. These questions should be sent to the organizer ( by the requested deadline date. The organizer will then reach out to the publisher or author with the questions. However, authors do reserve the right to not answer certain questions. If this happens, the organizer will reach back out to the blogger asking for additional questions. 

If you receive an interview tour stop, it is not a requirement to read the book, but it is highly encouraged. There may be some tours where one of the tour type options is ‘Review + Interview,’ which is a tour stop where the host will post both a review and interview.


Like our blog tours, your post needs to be available before or by 3 pm CST (4 pm EST, 1 pm PST, 8 pm GMT).

With our bookstagram tours, we do not require the books to be reviewed, but it is highly encouraged. However, sometimes the publisher/author may require the book to be reviewed as part of the tour. If this is the case, that question will be added on the sign up form. There will also be a question about if you plan to read the book, if the book is not required. 

Similar to our blog tours, if you do read the book and decide to give it less than 3 stars, we ask that you please wait to post the review until after the tour ends. If you read the book and give it more than 3 stars, you can post your review during the blog tour on your tour stop, but please make sure the giveaway information (if any) is included first. This can also be a separate post.

When it’s your stop on the bookstagram tour, please make sure to have the following:

  • The book (whether physical or digital) should be the main focus of the pictureTag Turn the Page Tours, the publisher, and author
  • Any creative element the publisher/author has requested
  • In the caption part of the Instagram image, please include:Book titleAuthor
    • Publisher
    • What bookstagram tour this is part of
    • Hashtags associated with the bookstagram tour and hashtags required by the publisher/author
    • Tag Turn The Page Tours, the publisher, author, and any other account mentioned
    • Giveaway information, if there is one (this includes giveaway entries, extra entries, and disclaimer text)
    • Tag the other bookstagrammers part of that day’s tour stops (this is not always required, so it will be mentioned in the tour email sent a few days before the tour start date).

The information above is required for all bookstagram tour stops. If you have any questions about the information and/or the bookstagram tour, please reach out to us via email. 

When you post your tour post, we will share your stop on our company Instagram story.

I’m part of one of your other tours, can I also post on my Instagram account?

Absolutely! Actually, we highly encourage you to also post on your Instagram. However, your main blog tour stop post must be on your blog/the platform we linked to on the tour schedule. If you do decide to also post on Instagram the same day as your blog tour stop, please tag us and we will share your post.


Creativity posts are only part of Level 2 tours and are usually provided by the publisher and/or author. If you have a creative post idea, please add that to the Sign up form or send an email to the tour organizer with your idea. 

Even though creativity posts are part of Level 2, we do encourage adding some creativity to your post, no matter the tour level. We encourage you to be as creative as possible. 

Below are some ideas for your creative posts:

  • Dream celebrity castPlease note: for those that post a dream cast for the book tour, please keep in mind the race and ethnicity of all the characters you cast; these posts should be as authentic as possible. Thank you for understanding.
  • Mood board
  • Book playlist
  • Character interviews
  • Guest posts provided by the author (or blogger)
  • Character meet and greets
  • Deleted scenes
  • An annotated chapter (either by author or blogger)
  • Favorite quotes and why from book (this would team well with reviews)
  • Author interviews and/or video interviews
  • Recreate the cover

What happens if I miss my post date/do not post my tour stop within the tour dates?

If this happens, the tour organizer will reach out to you via email asking why you did not post on your assigned date or during the tour. The tour organizer will also explain that you will receive a mark next to your email. This does not mean you are blocked from ever being on one of our tours again. It just means your chances of being picked for a tour are lower. However, if you have multiple marks next to your email, we may have to make the unfortunate decision to remove you from any future tours.

On our tours, we expect the readers that are chosen to post on their assigned dates/during the tour. Once a tour host is chosen for a tour, they have committed to posting during the tour. It becomes the host’s responsibility to post. We understand life can sometimes take unexpected turns, and we never want to put a mark next to an email, so all we ask in return is that if you cannot make your post date, please let us know as soon as possible (preferably 48 hours beforehand); a mark will not be placed next to your email.

(Update: 02.07.2021) Unfortunately, due to recent and consistent occurrences, we’ve had to implement a new policy. If you miss your assigned tour post and fail to notify us, you will have 48 hours to list your tour stop before we give you a warning strike. If you fail to post your stop within the allotted 48 hours, you will receive that strike. If this happens multiple times and you receive three (3) warning strikes, you will be immediately removed from our service as a host and banned from future tours.

If you have any questions regarding hosting, please email us at with the subject line named as Host Inquiry.

We will be providing you with all required documents and files before the tour begins. This email will usually come 5-7 business days before the tour start date and will include either document attachments or a link to a DropBox folder. We will also provide a reminder of the start of the tour on the day of. Please reach out to us if there is anything else you may need to make this tour and your post successful. If there is anything else you require, please do not hesitate to ask. We will do our best to accommodate you as best as possible.

Thank you,

Turn the Page Team