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Stephanie (she/her) lives in Los Angeles with her three fur babies. Used to work in the tech industry but has stepped away from it.

Her love for books started when she was 10 years old and her 5th grade teacher read Harry Potter to the class. It began as a means to practice her English skills but it grew into a hobby.

In the last year, she’s found and embraced the bookish community. Joined bookstagram and learned of all things bookish she had missed out on. She’s found she has a creative side that she didn’t know about; taking pictures for her bookstagram and designing her blog. When not doing things bookish related, she’s out with her furbabies or learning more about graphic design or working on her personal growth.



Stacia (she/her) lives in Indiana with her husband and their two cats Pebbles and Guppy. The first books she can remember reading are the Goosebumps series by RL Stine after being challenged by a fellow kindergartener to get to the books about Slappy (Night of the Living Dummy, book 7) first.

Stacia joined the online book community about 3 years ago after multiple pokes and prods from friends and she has never looked back. Some of her favorite things to read are books with magic, ANYTHING with a school setting, a good murder mystery, and the smuttiest of romances [read: 3-4 on a 5 scale].

When she isn’t reading or posting about reading, you can find her napping, Netflix-ing, watching her cats do funny things, and listening to hair washing ASMR videos on YouTube.