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CHC_7582Belle (she/her) is a teen bookseller and influencer from Northwest Indiana and the proud mom of a diva dachshund. She’s been blogging and reviewing on her blog Belle’s Archive for the past five years.

Belle’s favorite activities include reading, working at one of the only bookstores in NW Indiana, taking pictures for her bookstagram, playing with her dog, and singing when she thinks no one can hear. You can find her through her social links below!



IMG_20191012_153154__01Nathalie DeFelice (she/her) is a Children’s Librarian and dog parent to a bloodhound, German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd. She’s also a contributor for The Nerd Daily and active in ALA’s Spectrum Scholar community, as well as being a 2020 Emerging Leader.

Her spare time includes reading YA or Adult Romance, and dabbling in quite a few hobbies (sewing, ukulele playing, cooking, traveling, pretending to be a dinosaur… you get the picture 😉).  You can find her most often on Twitter or Instagram, where she lurks around quietly retweeting everything she loves. (Especially if it has anything to do with food.)



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Nikole (she/her) is a marketing coordinator by day and an aspiring author by night. She is one of the bloggers for A Court of Coffee and Books and has been writing reviews for over three years. She lives in Illinois with her lovable yet sassy Siberian Husky.

Nikole can usually be found reading or writing on the weekends. Her other hobbies consist of building LEGOs, watching movies, baking, and collecting unicorn items. She spends way too much time on Twitter trying to stay up to date on all the exciting book news.