Changes Coming in 2023!!

Hello friends!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that our emails have been giving you all an auto-reply. This auto-reply has information that we want to break down to you here.

1. We’re under new management! Despite this, you can still expect quality service and kindness from our staff.

This includes better/more timely communication regarding physical copies shipping, timeframes as to when you should receive books to begin reading and others! If you ever need to get ahold of us for any reason, please email and avoid sending us a DM on Instagram as those can get lost easily.

2. We will be closing up shop until Jan. 2023. This is a time for us to transition things over to our new system and get some AMAZING new tours going for you all!

We already have some super hype titles booked that you’ll get info from us about soon!

3. After we reopen in January, you’ll notice that you’ll receive emails from a different account than you were used to. All of our email accounts end with

4. We will also we using a new mailing service to get our tour signups to you. We’ll send out a couple of messages with the new service so that you all can keep an eye out before we make the final change.

5. We’re asking for YOUR input! Do you have a book that’s coming out in 2023 that you’re excited about? We have a survey, linked here, where you can fill out with any information you may have about said book!


TL; DR: 
We’ll be back in January of 2023 with a new site!
If you have titles you want us to tour, fill out our survey!


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