TOUR SIGN-UPS: The Rogue Crown

Hi everyone!

We are thrilled to be organizing a Bookstagram Tour for book 3 of The Five Crowns of Okrith – The Rogue Crown by A.K. Mulford ! This tour will run from October 17 to October 28, 2022. This is a US only tour.

Digital galleys of books 1 and 2 will be provided for all hosts. Physical and digital galleys of The Rogue Crown will be available to US hosts.

The Rogue CrownRogueCrown_Cover

by A.K. Mulford
Releasing on October 25, 2022
GENRE: NA — Fantasy

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Expect magic, adventure, and sapphic romance in this thrilling third installment of the bestselling, high fantasy saga The Five Crowns of Okrith.

Determined to uncover who killed the Western Queen, fae warrior Briata Catullus sets out on a mission to defeat the witch hunters and protect the Western Princess. But when she arrives in the West, things are even worse than she feared. The icy reception from the Western fae is the least of her problems. After all, they’ve heard the prophecy that Bri will seize the crown from its sovereign, and the last thing they want is for her to usurp the throne.

Still grieving the loss of her mother, Princess Abalina Thorne reluctantly allows Bri to serve as one of her guards at the behest of her cousin, knowing that she may be after the crown. As the witch hunters rise against them, they must work together to uncover the secret plot of their enemies. Along the way, the princess realizes that Bri is one of the few people she can trust. But Bri is determined to forge her own path and prove the prophecy wrong, not letting the beautiful Lina distract her from defeating the witch hunters. Will she discover the truth and stamp out the rebellion without losing her heart along the way?

A.K. Mulford is a bestselling fantasy author and former wildlife biologist who swapped rehabilitating monkeys for writing novels. She/They are inspired to create diverse stories that transport readers to new realms,AK Mulford author photo making them fall in love with fantasy for the first time, or, all over again. She now lives in New Zealand with her husband and two young human primates, creating lovable fantasy characters and making ridiculous TikToks (@akmulfordauthor).


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