TOUR SIGN-UPS: The Take-Over Friend by Carol Dines

We are so excited to host a book tour for THE TAKEOVER FRIEND! When Frances meets Sonja, she’s so excited to have formed a new friendship. What she doesn’t expect is Sonja to temporarily move in with Frances’s family, causing Frances to question just how close is too close. This tour will take place September 26 – October 2 and consist of reviews and several creative posts. 

OPEN TO USA READERS ONLY. Each selected tour host will receive a physical copy of THE TAKEOVER FRIEND. 

Tour Schedule: September 26 – October 2, 2022

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Take Over FriendThe Take-Over Friend
by Carol Dines
Published by Fitzroy Books
Releasing on September 27, 2022
YA FICTION-Contemporary


“A really good story about the very complex world of trying to find out who you really are.”—Judith Katz, author of The Escape Artist and Running Fiercely Toward A High Thin SoundOn the second day of ninth grade, introverted Frances meets Sonja, a wildly funny newcomer from France, and the girls form a fast friendship. Frances adores Sonja’s worldliness, and Sonja adores Frances’s family, especially her older brother, Will. Frances and Sonja immediately declare themselves “The Poets” and rally their homeroom to enter the homecoming parade with a poetry-mobile built from Frances’s father’s old band bus. But respective family crises begin to escalate, and tensions come to a head when Sonja temporarily moves in with Frances’s family—forcing each friend to decide how close is too close. Alternatingly funny and poignant, The Take-Over Friend is a smart page-turner that focuses on the importance of finding your own voice in relationships.


Carol Dines’s recent adult fiction, a collection of stories, This Distance We Call Love, won the Eric Hoffer Book Prize, 2022, and was a finalist in the National Indies Excellence Award for short fiction. In addition, her new young adult novel, The Take-Over Friend, finalist for the Achevan Prize, will be forthcoming from Fitzroy Books October, 2022. Her recent stories have been published in Ploughshares, Salamander, Narrative, Colorado Review, and Nimrod International. She has also published two novels for young adults, Best Friends Tell the Best Lies (Delacorte), The Queen’s Soprano (Harcourt) and a collection of short stories for young adults, Talk to Me (Delacorte.) In addition, she has published poems and stories in numerous journals and anthologies, including Somebody’s Speaking My Language (Women’s Voices Press), Voices of the Land (Milkweed), and Love and Lust: An Anthology, (Taylor and O’Neill’s Open To Interpretation, 2014). She is a recipient of the Judy Blume award as well as a recipient of Minnesota and Wisconsin State Artist Fellowships. Dines received a BA from Stanford University and an MA in English from Colorado State University. She has taught writing to all ages at universities, colleges, and public schools in Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Jack Zipes, and their standard poodle.



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