WELCOME POST: A Broken Blade by Melissa Blair

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We’re so thrilled to be launching our tour for the widely loved A Broken Blade by Melissa Blair, an Adult Fantasy novel that will be sure to encapture you in its pages from the first paragraph. We have an exciting two-week blog tour planned ahead, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this book’s re-release into the world!

Today, we’re sharing an EXCLUSIVE interview with the author, as well as launching the tour-long giveaway that we know you’ll want to join in on. If you haven’t already, do make sure you’ve pre-ordered a copy of the book; follow us, the author, and all of our wonderful hosts; and don’t forget to add to your TBR!

ABB Cover8
A Broken Blade (The Halfling Saga, #1)
by Melissa Blair
Published by Union Square & Co.
Releasing on August 2nd, 2022
Adult Fiction—Fantasy

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My body is made of scars,
some were done to me,
but most I did to myself.

Keera is a killer. As the King’s Blade, she is the most talented spy in the kingdom. And the king’s favored assassin. When a mysterious figure moves against the Crown, Keera is called upon to hunt down the so-called Shadow.

She tracks her target into the magical lands of the Fae, but Faeland is not what it seems…and neither is the Shadow. Keera is shocked by what she learns, and can’t help but wonder who her enemy truly is: the King that destroyed her people or the Shadow that threatens the peace?

As she searches for answers, Keera is haunted by a promise she made long ago, one that will test her in every way. To keep her word, Keera must not only save herself, but an entire kingdom.

5Can you tell us a bit about yourself and A Broken Blade?

Sure! I’m a 27-year-old introvert who needs stories more than she needs to breathe. I love stories in every form their come in —books, shows, film, theater, illustration, out loud fireside— and I want to keep telling stories in whatever medium feels right. 

A Broken Blade is the first book in The Halfling Saga which is this series I came up with while I was stuck at home during lockdown. It follows the main character of Keera who is an assassin forced to serve the King and hunt down her own kin. When she is task with taking down the newest enemy of the Crown, she realizes this might be her only chance to take down the conqueror once and for all. 

What has your experience been like going from a self-published to a traditionally published author?

I think I’m still coming to terms with that to be honest. I never even considered that this would be a possibility when I decided to self-publish The Halfling Saga. I’m so grateful that Keera’s story has garnered so much love and will now have so much support behind it for the following books. 

Was there a chapter in your book that you were more eager to write than others?

The flashbacks were the scenes that came to me first, so it felt great to get those on the page. But the chapter that called to me most was Chapter 25. It’s the first time we see Keera’s decisiveness, ruthlessness and guilt come together. It’s also a great moment between her and Riven coming to terms with the reality of being leaders through a coup and eventually to war. 

What was the first book that made you cry, and why?

The first book I remember making me cry is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I love stories about love that take you through entire journey from beginning to end, and even though it’s a children’s book Love You Forever does it so well. Honestly, it still makes me tear up when I read it. 

Is there a song that you can’t help but play when you need a pick-me-up?

I love (badly) singing Disney songs for an energy boost or just to make it through a long car ride. My go-to’s are Poor Unfortunate Souls and Girl Worth Fighting Forth. But there’s over 50 songs on my playlist and I will sing every one if the car ride is that long. 

Are you currently working on any other projects, and if so, could you give us any small details?

I’m always working on something! Right now, I have two standalones I’m working on. One is a sci-fi speculative piece having to do with Indigenous sovereignty and language revitalization and the other is the epic love story between two characters caught between fate and time. 

Finally, what do you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope they love Keera as much as I do. She’s a complicated character who is slowly coming to terms with what she has done and that will continue throughout the series, so I hope readers are excited for the ride.


Melissa Blair AuthorMelissa (she/her/kwe) is an Anishinaabekwe of mixed ancestry living in Turtle Island. She splits her time between Treaty 9 in Northern Ontario and the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg in Ottawa, Canada. She has a graduate degree in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies, loves movies, and hates spoons. Melissa has a BookTok account where she discusses her favorite kinds of books including Indigenous and queer fiction, feminist literature, and non-fiction. A Broken Blade is her first novel.

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Up for grabs we have ONE (1) finished copy of A Broken Blade by Melissa Blair. This giveaway will be available from July 25th through August 6th at 11:59 PM CST. Open to US residents only. No giveaway accounts allowed. To enter, click the button below!



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