TOUR SIGN-UPS: Her Spanish Lullaby (New Nomads, #2)

Hi, y’all!

We’re so excited to be bringing you our tour sign-ups for our quick approaching Her Spanish Lullaby cover reveal tour! This tour will take place on February 27th and will be available to participate on via Bookstagram, Book Blogs, and BookTok. We’ll be looking for 11-21 hosts for each division.

All hosts will be provided a digital copy via BookFunnel.

To sign up for the tour, please click the button below. For more information on the book, please continue to scroll through this post.


Her Spanish8
Her Spanish Lullaby (New Nomads, #2)
by Esther Beare
Releasing March 2022
Adult Fiction—Romance

No synopsis for this book is available at this time.

Synopsis for Her Greek Billionaire (New Nomads, #1):
She thought the pandemic had ruined her dreams, then she met Jax

Aspiring designer and single mum, Birdie Rosella started the job of her dreams in Athens only to be bundled off to the airport when the virus hits. Her flight cancelled, in desperation she throws herself into the limo of Ajax Aetos, a man she met once whose proposition remains seared into her memory. She didn’t take him up then but now? Now is a whole other story. She’ll be flying home to her boring old Sydney life tomorrow, so why not have some fun?

Billionaire businessman, Ajax Aetos heads up a global family business, has divorced his socialite wife and retreats to his private island, Sachihiro whenever work lets up, which isn’t often. This is just the way he likes it. Life is sweet until the pandemic hits and his best friend gets covid. The last thing he needs is a sexy enchantress in the form of an Australian designer invading his space.

However … she is irresistible. Against his better judgment Jax offers Birdie some work on Sachihiro while she waits for a flight out. It is strictly a work arrangement yet the longer they are together, the more grows between them.

When Birdie flies back to restart her Sydney life, Jax is forced to face his feelings but does Birdie really want him, or just the global nomad gig he can offer?


EB AuthorEsther Beare is an Australian novelist and hopeless romantic addicted to happy endings in life and love. She writes sexy, contemporary romances to entertain and inspire possibility. When she is not writing she can be found tending to her pets, plants and projects, travelling to interesting places and hanging out with family and friends. Follow Esther on facebook/Esther Beare and Instagram/Esther Beare Books or at


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