TOUR SCHEDULE: You Make Me Sick… Literally

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We’re thrilled to be bringing you our tour schedule for our You Make Me Sick… Literally release day tour! This book will be out in the world in TWO DAYS, and we urge you all to pick up a copy if you can, and do make sure to add it to your TBR.

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YMMSL Cover8
You Make Me Sick… Literally
by Shamika Lindsay
Published by StingRay Publishing
Releasing on January 13th, 2022
NEW ADULT—Medical Romance, Speculative Fiction

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Nyla Nguyen is thankful to be alive, but how much will she risk to keep it that way?

A small town girl with dreams of making it big in the city, Nyla is eager to see where her new life will take her, where her second chance will lead. When a bizarre weather phenomenon very nearly kills her, she is grateful to be alive—to have escaped unscathed. But… did she?

When an illness that she thought was a random bout of the flu wreaks havoc on her body, she realizes she may not have been so fortunate after all. Sure she’ll die in a few weeks, Nyla tries to enjoy what is left of her meager life, until she feels better—quite miraculously.

Nyla soon discovers that her recovery isn’t so mysterious after all, when a guy she met only once before seems to be responsible. A human antidote.

Two sick people. One shared antidote. Trying to stay alive shouldn’t be difficult, right?

Nyla will do everything in her power to stay alive, even if it means befriending the guy with the power to make her sick.

Trigger/Content Warning(s): Sickness, Minor Death Reference/Mention


SL AUTHORGrowing up, all she knew was writing. Shamika has often said that writing gave her voice when she was mute. That was true, to some extent. In the written word, Shamika could transport herself to a place where her thoughts created trees and beautiful streams that birthed a number of living creatures. Before the publication of her first novel, Popularity Rules, she had already written (in actual notebooks) a number of books and was thrilled to share them with the persons around her.

After getting a push to take the plunge into the literary world, she did. Shamika Lindsay hopes to always create a world that transports, transports anyone who needs an escape and a chance to venture into something unknown, sometimes impractical, but always safe.

Follow her on her social media platforms for more details @shamikawrites.

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Up for grabs on Instagram, we will have FIVE (5) digital copies and ONE (1) finished copy of You Make Me Sick… Literally by Shamika Lindsay. This giveaway will be open INTL and will run from January 13th to January 15th at 11:59 PM CST. Six winners will be chosen. No giveaway accounts will be allowed. Follow to unfollow will ban you from future giveaways.

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