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We’re so excited to be kicking off our Love Somebody blog tour, and we cannot wait for you to join us as we celebrate this book’s release into the world. If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve pre-ordered your copy and follow all of our wonderful hosts.

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Love Somebody

by Rachel Roasek
Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Releasing on January 11th, 2022
YOUNG ADULT FICTION–Contemporary, Romance

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A sparkling YA debut rom-com about a popular high-school girl, her ex-boyfriend-turned-best-friend, and the girl they both fall for—perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli or Casey McQuiston.

Sam Dickson is a charismatic actress, ambitious and popular with big plans for her future. Ros Shew is one of the smartest people in school—but she’s a loner, and prefers to keep it that way. Then there’s Christian Powell, the darling of the high school soccer team. He’s not the best with communication, which is why he and Sam broke up after dating for six months; but he makes up for it by being genuine, effusive, and kind, which is why they’re still best friends.

When Christian falls for Ros on first sight, their first interaction is a disaster, so he enlists Sam’s help to get through to her. Sam, with motives of her own, agrees to coach Christian from the sidelines on how to soften Ros’s notorious walls. But as Ros starts to suspect Christian is acting differently, and Sam starts to realize the complexity of her own feelings, their fragile relationships threaten to fall apart.

This fresh romantic comedy from debut author Rachel Roasek is a heartfelt story about falling in love—with a partner, with your friends, or just with yourself—and about how maybe, the bravest thing to do in the face of change is just love somebody.

5Can you tell us a bit about yourself and Love Somebody? 

Sure! I went to school for acting, and I still do some of that occasionally. I also studied a lot of classical and renaissance theatre, so doing a book based on Cyrano de Bergerac was right up my alley. Besides that, I’m mostly working, playing video games, or annoying my dog. 

Love Somebody was unexpectedly personal to write. I put a bit more of myself into the characters than I thought I did, and surprised myself a couple times by having them say or do things I didn’t know I needed to hear. Hopefully that makes the characters more relatable! Also, it was my first time writing some truly messy bisexuals, and that was a blast.

If you could choose one place to spend the day without anyone else around, where would it be and why?

There’s a lot of places in Cornwall, England I want to go back to. I have a lot of family history there, and even the natural places feel old and historic. That, or any forest in the Pacific Northwest.

What was the most exciting thing about writing your book?

This was actually my first foray into contemporary fiction! Normally I write fantasy, so adapting my usual style was a really fun challenge.

Out of all of your book’s characters, which one would you choose to go on a dragon ride with?

I think Sam would be the most likely to ride a dragon. No hesitation, she’d just jump right on and get flying. She’d probably try to make it do flips, though, and I don’t know if I’m brave enough for that.

Do you have a specific writing process?

I’m a hardcore plotter. I like to know all the details of a book before I can really start writing it. That’s not to say I don’t make discoveries or change my mind during drafting, but having the full story makes it easier to make those changes or discoveries fit. It also lets me jump around and write my favorite scenes when I’m lacking the motivation.

Is there a recurring theme that can be found in Love Somebody?

Sure, it’s right there in the title! All of the main characters have an arc of coming to terms with something about themselves — their feelings for someone else, their identities, their personal power, etc. These things are so much easier to manage when you have people in your corner that care about you, or when you learn to identify the people who may be making it worse. It doesn’t have to be romantic love, either — platonic is just as valid.

Is there anything you’re currently working on, and if so, can you give us any details?

I have a few ideas bouncing around right now. Some are finished, some are just getting drafted, and they range from YA to middle grade to adult, and also to graphic novels. No matter what, though, they’ve all got lots more fantasy to them than Love Somebody.

Lastly, what do you hope readers will learn/take away from reading Love Somebody?

That they’re okay! You absolutely don’t have to have everything about yourself or your life figured out by the time you’re in high school. It’s not a race, and things can always change. You’ve got time.


RR AuthorRachel Roasek received her BA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2017, with a degree in Drama and two minors in Sign Language and Anthropology. When not coming up with fictional worlds, she works as both a voice actor and stage technician. She currently lives in Raleigh with a few dying plants and her dog, Lupe.


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