TOUR SCHEDULE: The Last Wish of Sasha Cade

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We are thrilled to be brining you our tour schedule for our upcoming The Last Wish of Sasha Cade booktok tour. This book is one that will really pull on your heartstrings and have you begging for more to read once finished. We hope you’ll join us on this tour, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to be pushing for this book! If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up a copy of the book and follow all of our wonderful hosts so you don’t miss any of their stops!

The Last Wish of Sasha Cade
by Cheyanne Young
Published by KCP Loft
Released on October 2nd, 2018
YOUNG ADULT FICTION—Contemporary, Romance

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Trigger/Content Warning(s): Death of a friend, Cancer, Mention of Arrest, Arrested Side Character, Shady Business Dealings

The day Raquel has been dreading for months has finally arrived. Sasha, her best friend in the whole world — the best friend in the whole world — has died of cancer. Raquel can’t imagine life without her. She’s overwhelmed and brokenhearted.

And then a letter from Sasha arrives. Has she somehow found a way to communicate from the afterlife?

In fact, Sasha has planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for Raquel, and when she follows the instructions to return to Sasha’s grave, a mysterious stranger with striking eyes is waiting for her. There’s a secret attached to this boy that only Sasha—and now Raquel—knows.

This boy, Elijah, might be just what Raquel needs to move on from her terrible loss. But can Raquel remain true to herself while also honoring her friend’s final wish?

3CY AuthorCheyanne Young is a native Texan with a fear of cold weather and a coffee addiction that probably needs an intervention. She loves books, sarcasm, and collecting nail polish. She works in education and writes books for young adults. (and the young adults at heart)

Cheyanne lives near the beach with her family, a spoiled rotten K9, a spoiled rotten civilian mutt, and a cat who is most likely plotting to take over the world. (Probably because she is spoiled rotten.) Cheyanne’s newest book, The Last Wish of Sasha Cade, is available now.


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