TOUR SIGN-UPS: The Undead Truth Of Us by Britney S Lewis

Hi, y’all!

We are so excited to be bringing y’all our tour for the highly anticipated The Undead Truth Of Us by Britney S Lewis! This tour will take place on August 1st through August 11th 2022 and will be a Blog & TikTok tour! We’ll be looking for 30-35 hosts for each portion. 

Limited physical copies will be available to US/CAN residents. Digital copies will be provided to all chosen hosts.

To sign up for this tour, please click the button below! For more information on the book and author, please continue scrolling through this post.


Book CoverThe Undead Truth Of Us
by Britney S Lewis
Published by Disney Hyperion
Releasing on August 9th 2022 
Young Adult Fiction—Zombie, Romance, Horror
TRIGGER/CONTENT WARNINGS: Death of parent, gore, depression, death, blood.

pre-order-button-SPH-300x93   addtogoodreads-script_26_orig

The Astonishing Color of After meets Warm Bodies and Wilder Girls in this speculative YA debut about a Black dancer whose life changes forever after she witnesses her mom’s sudden zombification and subsequent death.

Catalog Copy: Death was everywhere. They all stared at me, bumping into one another and slowly coming forward.
Sixteen-year-old Zharie Young is absolutely certain her mother morphed into a zombie before her untimely death, but she can’t seem to figure out why. Why her mother died, why her aunt doesn’t want her around, why all her dreams seem suddenly, hopelessly out of reach. And why, ever since that day, she’s been seeing zombies everywhere.

Then Bo moves into her apartment building—tall, skateboard in hand, freckles like stars, and an undeniable charm. Z wants nothing to do with him, but when he transforms into a half zombie right before her eyes, something feels different. He contradicts everything she thought she knew about monsters, and she can’t help but wonder if getting to know him might unlock the answers to her mother’s death.

As Zharie sifts through what’s real and what’s magic, she discovers a new truth about the world: Love can literally change you—for good or for dead.

In this surrealist journey of grief, fear, and hope, Britney S. Lewis’s debut novel explores love, zombies, and everything in between in an intoxicating amalgam of the real and the fantastic.


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