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We’re so excited to be kicking off our conjoined tour for To Bleed a Crystal Bloom by Sarah A. Parker! We hope you’re just as thrilled as we are to be shouting about and promoting this book, and we hope you’ll tune into the tour! If you haven’t already, please make sure to give all of our hosts a follow, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the book to read!

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To Bleed a Crystal Bloom
by Sarah A. Parker
Released on July 24th, 2021
ADULT FICTION—Dark Fantasy, Romance, Retellings > Rapunzel

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To Bleed a Crystal Bloom is a dark Rapunzel reimagining full of immersive imagery and breathtaking angst. A unique new fantasy series perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout, guaranteed to grip you from the very first page.

What a pretty flower to keep locked in a big, rocky tower.

Nineteen years ago, I was plucked from the heart of a bloody massacre that spared nobody else.

Small. Fragile.
An enigma.

Now ward to a powerful High Master who knows too much and says too little, I lead a simple life, never straying from the confines of an imaginary line I’ve drawn around the castle grounds.
Stay within. Never leave.
Out there, the monsters lurk. Inside, I’m safe … though at a cost far greater than the blood I drip into a goblet daily.
Toxic, unreciprocated love for a man who’s utterly unavailable.

My savior. My protector.
My almost executioner.

I can’t help but be enamored with the arcane man who holds the power to pull my roots from the ground.

When voracious beasts spill across the land and threaten to fray the fabric of my tailored existence, the petals of reality will peel back to reveal an ugly truth. But in a castle puddled with secrets, none are greater than the one I’ve kept from myself.

No tower is tall enough to protect me from the horror that tore my life to shreds.

Copy of Separators

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and To Bleed a Crystal Bloom?

I’m 32, and I live in the Gold Coast, Australia with my husband and three young kids. I’m originally from New Zealand, but I’ve been in Australia for over ten years.

I love anything artsy, and story telling has always been a huge passion of mine. Being home with my young kids allowed me to delve deeper into that love, and in 2019 I published my first book (under a different pen name)

To Bleed a Crystal Bloom is my 6th story, and the first in a whole new world I can’t wait to crack open and bring people further into. Those who have read the story already will understand what I mean by this!

Bloom is very much an origin story for our main character, Orlaith, and to say I’ve barely scratched the surface would be an understatement. A lot of the characters in this story have traumatic pasts, and they each have their own demons to face over the course of the series.

It’s a story about love and loss and everything in between. There is no glossing over the details, so it’s immersive—a story where you can also read between the lines to see the conversations and interactions in a whole new light once you’ve read the book/s once and know where everything leads. Fingers crossed people enjoy it!

If you had to choose one character in your book to work in a bookstore with, who would you choose and why?

Orlaith. She likes a bit of romantasy, so we’d no doubt spend the time talking about ALL our favourite stories while we work … and our favourite book boyfriends.

Was there a specific part of the book you had an easier time writing than the others?

Rhordyn’s chapters. He’s SO clear cut in my head, so his first drafts were pretty close to what went to print.

Do you have a specific process for writing your books?

Yes! I’m a planner. I like to go into a series knowing where it all ends right off the bat. Then I dig deeper and work out the basic outline for each chapter, before meditating on them and jotting down bits of dialogue. After that, I sprint the chapters, getting the bones down—this allows me to slow down on a later pass and flesh everything out if need be. Curve balls do happen, but I find them much easier to navigate when I have clear stepping stones to hop between and an ending spot in sight.

Is there a song you played on repeat while writing To Bleed a Crystal Bloom?

There is! Phoenix by League of Legends, Cailin Russo, and Chrissy Costanza, and Hurricane by Tonnele Profitt and Fleurie.

Is there a reoccurring theme that can be found in To Bleed a Crystal Bloom?

There are quite a few! I planted so many seeds that will bloom a little upon second read through, then a little more once the second book releases, the third, etc etc.

Is there anything you’re currently working on, and if so, can you give us any hints or details?

Special edition hardbacks! My designer is amazing, and I’m so excited to see what she’s whipping up.

Lastly, what do you hope readers will learn/take away from To Bleed a Crystal Bloom after reading?

That our weaknesses do not define us.


SARAHAPARKERSarah is an international bestselling author who also writes under the pen name S.A. Parker.

She lives in Australia with her husband and children, and spends her days with her nose in a book or her mind in a world of her own creation.

Her genre of choice is epic fantasy romance, and she thrives off dreaming up complex characters and immersive worlds to get lost amongst.


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