TOUR SCHEDULE: The Sky Above Us by Natalie Lund

The Sky Above Us4

The Sky Above Us
by Natalie Lund
Published by Philomel Books
Releasing on April 13, 2021
YOUNG ADULT FICTION–Contemporary, Mystery


From the author of We Speak in Storms comes a twisty, psychological thriller about three friends searching for the truth in the aftermath of a plane crash.

The morning after their senior year beach party, Izzy, Cass, and Janie are woken by a thundering overhead. Then they and their classmates watch in shock as a plane crashes into the water. When the passengers are finally recovered, they are identified as Izzy’s twin brother, Israel, Cass’s ex-boyfriend, Shane, and Janie’s best friend, Nate. But Izzy can feel when her brother is in pain, and she knows he’s not really dead. So she, Cass, and Janie set out to discover what actually happened that day–and why the boys were on the plane.

Told in alternating timelines and points of view, this powerful and captivating novel follows the three boys in the weeks leading up to that fateful flight, and the girls they left behind as they try to piece together the truth about the boys they loved and thought they knew. A spellbinding story about the ripple effects of tragedy, the questions we leave unanswered, and the enduring power of friendship.


Natalie Lund is young adult author and a former middleand high school teacher. Shegraduated from Purdue University’s MFA program, where she taught introductorycomposition and creative writing and also served as the fiction editor of The SycamoreReview. Her debut novel, WE SPEAK IN STORMS, is on sale September 3, 2019.Natalie is a member of SCBWI and is represented by Sarah Davies of GreenhouseLiterary Agency. She lives in Chicago with her husband and a very photogenic cat. Youcan follow her on Twitter or Instagram @nmlund.1


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